How To Convert PDF To Excel Online

How To Convert PDF To Excel Online

Convert PDF to Excel online

PDFs often contain tables or structured data that you might want to analyze in Excel. Converting them to Excel format makes it easy to work with this data in a spreadsheet.


How to convert PDF to Excel without losing formatting?

With BlueSEOTools online PDF to Excel converter, you can convert PDFs to Excel with confidence, even if the original document is complex. The tool ensures that the formatting is preserved throughout the conversion process. 

How To Convert PDF To Excel Online?

BlueSEOTools enables you to convert PDF to Excel online without requiring an email address.

Here is how you can convert PDF To Excel Online

Below is a brief guide on how to use PDF To Excel Converter Online:

  1. Go to the BlueSEOTools website and locate the PDF to Excel converter pdf to excel online 
  2. Click "Select PDF" and choose the PDF file you want to convert.choose and open the pdf files to convert them into excel 
  3. Customize conversion settings if required.customize at your preference and start the pdf to excel conversion 
  4. Initiate the conversion process.
  5. Wait for the conversion to complete.
  6. Download the resulting Excel file.
  7. Review the converted data for proper formatting and layout. 8. Explore other features or close the website as desired.


Data safety

Rest assured that your data is safe with us! When you submit files for conversion, we only utilize them for that specific purpose and delete them immediately afterward. You don't have to worry about privacy concerns as only our automated software will access them.

Multipage PDF Conversion

Here's the best part: We can convert entire PDFs to Excel, even if they're multi-page beasts. You'll receive the same comprehensive information in your converted files. We prioritize accuracy in our tool and extract tables from PDFs with precision.

Table Preservation

You'll see the same rows and columns as the original PDF, but now they're editable and ready for use in Excel or any other office suite that works with MS Office.


Your converted Excel files will be in .xlsx format, which is perfect for Microsoft Excel or any other software that's compatible with MS Office.

No Email Required

There's no need to provide your email address - simply upload your files and convert them. It's that straightforward!

Do you have scanned PDFs?

No worries! Our Online PDF OCR tool works adeptly and identifies numbers and data seamlessly. Our conversion speed varies based on the file size and server traffic, but it's typically fast and easy.  The best part? Our service is completely free, so why not give it a try? PDF To Excel Converter.


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