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Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker tool is a service that provides information about the date when a website was created. domain age checker is a program that tells whether a website is new or old. It also informs the operator of the site about its ranking according to Google and Alexa, which are 1 among many search engine companies that use domain age as an indicator of credibility. A domain's age, according to these companies, makes it more credible in Google search results than newer sites.

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updated date, and expiry of Domain hosting everything—with our free domain checker tool. Domain age is the period till the present day of the Domain when bought. Now, anyone can check the domain age, update, and expiry date.

How To use Domain age checker tool?

Here are simple steps that should be fallow to use this fantastic tool easily. 

  • Visit: (

  • Past the URL into the tool search box and click on the "Get the Domain age" button.