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This online PDF converter allows you to convert PDF into Excel spreadsheets. Convert from PDF to XLS or from PDF to XLSX. Easily create tables from your PDF documents with this Excel converter!


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      Need to edit a table stuck in a PDF?

      blueseotools online converter lets you transform those PDFs into editable Excel spreadsheets in a snap. No need to fumble with bulky software downloads or worry about compatibility issues.

      Upload your PDF with ease.

      Drag and drop it straight from your computer, choose it from your cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive, or paste a link to an online PDF. We've got you covered!

      Pick the perfect Excel format.

      Working on an older project? We offer both XLS and XLSX formats to ensure your converted spreadsheet seamlessly integrates with your needs.

      One-click conversion magic.

      Our user-friendly interface makes the process a breeze. Upload your PDF, choose your preferred Excel format, and click "Start." That's it! blueseotools powerful converter takes care of the rest, freeing you up to focus on what matters.

      Unchain yourself from software limitations.

      Ditch the bulky downloads and say goodbye to compatibility headaches. blueseotools is a web-based converter, accessible from any device with a web browser and an internet connection. Convert PDFs to Excel on your laptop at work, your tablet on the train, or even your smartphone while waiting in line. blueseotools empowers you with mobility and flexibility.

      Security you can trust.

      We understand that your data is important. That's why blueseotools prioritizes the security of your documents with cutting-edge technology:

      • SSL encryption scrambles your files during upload and download, making them unreadable to anyone who shouldn't see them.
      • Regular server cleanups maintain the highest standards of security.
      • We respect your privacy. Your documents are yours, and we don't claim any rights to them. For a more detailed explanation, check out our Privacy Policy.

      Beyond Excel: A toolbox for all your PDF needs.

      While blueseotools excels at transforming PDFs into editable Excel formats, it's a versatile tool with a broader range of capabilities. Need your PDF in a different format? We can convert them to Word documents, high-quality images, or even searchable text formats! Explore our extensive list of conversion options to unlock the full potential of your PDFs.

      Mobile-friendly conversions on the go

      The modern world demands flexibility. blueseotools keeps pace by offering mobile-friendly PDF to Excel conversion. Whether you're using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient conversion experience, anytime and anywhere.