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How to merge a PDF online?

  1. Upload PDF files.
  2. Arrange order.
  3. Optional: Sort ascending/descending.
  4. Click "merge button" twice to merge and download.

Select Pdf Files

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    Merging PDF Files - A How To

    You can easily drag and drop files into the box above. 

    Once uploaded, thumbnails of each document will appear. To rearrange the merge order, click and drag the thumbnails to a new position.

    Online PDF Merge Solution 

    Forget installing software for PDF merging – do it directly in your browser!

    With BlueSEOTools, merge PDF documents hassle-free, saving space on your hard drive and eliminating worries about viruses and malware from downloaded programs.

    Why Merge PDFs?

    When scanning images or a book, multiple PDFs may be generated. But what if you prefer them consolidated into one file?

    Avoid the hassle of printing multiple documents separately. Combining them results in just one document for easy printing! Tip: You can also spilt pdf

    Securely Merge Your PDFs

    blueseotools handles the merging process while ensuring the original copyright remains intact. Your files are securely stored on our servers and will not be shared with third parties.

    For further details, please refer to our Privacy Policy below.

    What Files Can I Combine? 

    Merge various types of documents effortlessly. Whether it's merging PDFs, images into a PDF, or documents into a PDF file, our tool has you covered.

    Examples: Combine multiple JPGs into a single PDF. Merge Terms of Service with your invoices and save them as a PDF.

    Merge PDFs Across Devices

    Merge PDF files conveniently, regardless of your device!

    With BlueSEOTools online service, you can merge your documents seamlessly from anywhere, using just your web browser.